Mardi 17 mai 2011

Luoyang farmers 10 years of self-built fire fighting hundreds of fires reported this year in Luoyang

 firefighters, emergency assembly!" Burst of rapid whistle knock off oakley the number of firefighters the fire toward the garage, started three fire engines, fire motorcycle ride, rushed to the scene, to the fire, start the pump, set up gun ... ... A few minutes later, a fierce blaze was extinguished, this is the new County yesterday morning iron iron town, fake oakleys village farmers firefighters in fire drill site on performance. Set up 10 years of fire fighting experience is worth drawing hundreds of the village fire department set up gates for 12 years, fighting all kinds of fire more than 300 times. Last November, a school fake oakley sunglasses wholesale dormitory in the village burst fire, flame smoke toward the other buildings sandwiched, the critical moment, the first firefighters arrived on the scene extinguishing the peasants, when the county fire brigade reinforcements arrived, they had blocked the fire . This year April 17 at 7 pm, village cadres, the village south of the Zhang home to find the Qinglongshan fire, he immediately call the village's 119 police, firefighters have left the village dishes, along with mobilization of the villagers rushed to the scene. After 90 minutes, rapid fire was finally extinguished. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Luoyang City Fire Brigade, Rural Fire more, achieve more than 70% of the total number of fires, particularly those in rural areas far from the fire brigade in case of fire, lack of timely saves, this village gates Farmers Fire Brigade to be the guardian to keep the peace, the main reason is that they quickly rushed to the scene, which is far from the fire department in the county can not do. Editor: Wang Jian iron village farmers established the first fire in Luoyang City, New County far from the county because the village gates, each time before a fire, county fire department are of little help in a nearby fire, with no professional fire village team, very heavy losses caused by fire. In 1993, the iron gate of Luoyang City, Dior sunglasses   the village set up the first brigade of farmers, with 10 part-time firefighters, three fire engines and fire the two patrol motorcycles, shovels, buckets and other fire fighting equipment, more than 100, the village also Let the fire office, the implementation of day and night duty. replica oakley sunglasses wholesaleThe villagers in case of fire, just dial 119, the village will be instantly firefighters arrived the fire. After the founding of the village fire brigade iron gate, the new County Police Fire Brigade as fire team members conducted business training, and regularly carry out operational guidance. Discount Oakley Sunglasses  Several months, the village fire firefighters have become the "expert in." 
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Twin brother and sister have a magical telepathic difference 7 points into the same entrance with th

  Putuo District, the old Soviet Union these days has people smiling replica sunglasses  from ear to ear: cell phones and home phone ringing off the hook, friends and family have to congratulate him. He then kept explained: "a coincidence! Is a good thing! God did not want to separate them ah!" Old Soviet Union has a twin brother and sister at home, to join the college entrance examination this year. July 28, they Replica Oakley Sunglasses Cheapalso had only one word until the admission notice, all from the economic leaders of the Shanghai International Studies University College of Humanities Department of Japanese Language. Coincidentally, this is not all, after they are Oasis Foreign Language Middle School, although a reading of the two arts, a reading of the science, but the difference between the two men scored only 7 fake oakleys points! Happy, sad mutual induction, "I know what you want to ask? Their own path on the road suddenly have the urge to laugh came back I asked, my sister very well the day of small quiz ... ... chat, Su Wei, the world has been staring at the TV, a reporter asked him, "watching TV, you will grab the remote control it? "Su Shi Wei smiled and replied that he usually do not watch TV, often themselves in the upstairs computer playing online games, and my sister watching TV in the downstairs hall. Su Shi Jun Wang added:" But we will watch TV together, such as "Detective Nan Ke, Dior sunglasses  " "My Fair Princess." Most of the remaining time he let me, he likes watching football, then I usually let him. "College Entrance Examination is not the same father deliberately Business Su Sheng Yu is one of Industry and Commerce, Putuo Branch Taopu workers, he smiled and said:" The two of them is July 31, 1987 birth, time of birth are only separated replica oakley sunglasses wholesaleby two minutes. Therefore, the admission notice became their birthday. Child, they will also get sick. 6 months old, one had jaundice, less than a day, the other had. A similar coincidence too much! In junior high school, according to the principle of the nearest school, they must Yaohao College choice, actually went into the Oasis Foreign Language Middle School; three days, the two are not a class, but also into the group. "The old Soviet Union, told reporters outside with the leaders of the College was admitted, I really like" God arrangements. "Brother and sister two years of high school three years ago in the same class, high school, nothing to science, my brother chose politics, and my sister chose Chemistry. the two men scored 457 points and 450 were divided, in fact, they have no intention of voluntary reporting the same, and my sister are two of a voluntary admission, and brother were two second voluntary admission. psychologists: All Sources in coincidence "tell the truth, for you said telepathy, I can only say is a coincidence, can not give a scientific explanation. "China Normal University Counseling Center Director Ye Bin expressed, in the newspapers before their own, on-line several times seen similar reports, but no one has yet to conduct scientific research on this," After all, the probability is too low, even an ordinary twins , but the incidence of one in a million, so that twins, especially twins, hard to find! "knock off oakleyThere are so-called" parapsychology "theory, but credible." Or, the same internal and external factors that lead to coincidence of the most important reason. fake oakley sunglasses wholesale I have read the information, and some couples live together a long time, will be soul, which may also be another expression. "(Reporter Li Jing Zheng Shao graduated St. Small Press) tells you that we have telepathy!" To see the reporters, Gege Su Wei World active "rebellion." Sitting beside her sister also smiled and nodded approval. Su Shi Wei, see some skeptical reporters, Defense for quickly: "Ray Ban sunglasses Do not lie to you! Is not in the same place, but we will at the same time happy, sad; together we will get sick, you see   
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Lundi 16 mai 2011

笨贼 bags for the move to return the computer go out and buy right time to meet

 After some rummaging, decided to master computers hijacked, replica sunglassesso he went out to buy bags. At this point, the host home, the bedroom still sleeping wake up I do not know the fellow thieves in the waiting room, finally ready to take things one is a thief caught. According to Court found 20-year-old Zhao and Wang, a partner in Shenzhen, Futian District, rental a two bedroom room. Last year at 9:00 on April 18 and more, Zhao went out to buy daily necessities, as Wang was still late, Zhao would not only lock the door unlatched. Just at this point, the thief Yang found the door unlocked, no one thought it would drill into, Zhao went rummaging through the bedroom, but did not find precious things, Replica Oakley Sunglasses Cheap and decided to carried away computers, mainframe computers and monitors in the hold the door to the living room, in order to deceive the public for easy handling, Yang decided to go to the nearby store to buy bags. The thief had left front foot, Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses rear foot Zhao returned to the home front sight Startles, on the bedroom computer actually "legs" went to the living room door, bedroom is a mess, and then go live the king A, Wang said he has been sleeping sleepy do not know what happened. A total of two that are either thieves to Ban Jiubing, either to get tools, replica oakley sunglasses wholesale some will come back, so they hid it for "Weng in the turtle catch". Sure enough, two minutes later, a strange man pushed open the door, a large bag in his hand, ready to be placed into the bag in front of the computer mainframe, the two immediately shouted "catch the thief," Dior sunglasses   out, the thief turned immediately Yang escape, after security guards arrested. Yang did not complete due to theft, and the small amount did not constitute theft, Futian district court finally sentenced Yang to Intrusion 9 months imprisonment. More wonderful pictures make Illustrated Click to go to the Yahoo community Illustrated: Arsenal bring you into the real Illustrated: must see! Strong shock! Now look at the social Illustrated: North current school beauty is absolutely Ray Ban sunglassestempting! Illustrated: full implementation of the death of the shark shot 
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Irish woman gave birth to the devil, green baby rape recently, Ireland Bridget

26-year-old woman in October after the pregnancy, even gave fake oakley sunglasses wholesalebirth to a baby boy green quintana. Doctors face extremely shocked expression, the woman claimed that she was give birth to a green baby, Cheap Oakley Sunglasseswas raped because she was the devil. According to reports, the boy named Seamus has the same general physical characteristics of the baby, replica sunglasses and he only with the normal newborn is different is that even this particular boy was covered in green. Doctors 彼得肯克林 said: "We can not explain, this is how the color of baby who was contracted to go. Discount Oakley Sunglasses" [Photo caption 1: The picture shows the green boy] 
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Beijing Normal University canteen monument removed from the main tomb of Emperor Kangxi Yubi missing

  Recently, Beijing Normal University cafeteria in the demolition replica oakley sunglasses wholesaleof a baby when they found - a 300 years ago, the first turtle tablets Kangxi Yubi Chi tombstone, but the owner of the tomb monument, but still do not know where. Currently, this monument has been well guarded. Qing officials demolitionDior sunglasses  canteen tombstones stone conservation experts appeared recently told reporters that Liu Weidong, Beijing Normal University dining hall demolition Fourth, we found one of a reign of Emperor Kangxi of the dragons are yellow Fudu Tong turtle tablets tombstone. This identity is very high, so currently known high-level military commanders in early Qing oakley sunglassesDynasty relics in Beijing only two or three. When we arrived at Beijing Normal University, near the south gate of the fourth canteen, found here have been razed to the ground, the ground is the demolition of the rest of the broken bricks scattered on the ground where the menu was the canteen can be proved. Reporter to a nearby construction of the Song master asked,Discount Oakley Sunglasses pointing to his dig site, told reporters the middle of a locust tree, locust tree next to the monument, once placed in more than a week ago, a construction team put away the stone. He also clearly remember that stone is too large, so the move twice, first with the cable car up the monument hanging flat on the ground, and then loading the Beizuo away, and then removed monument, handling the process also used be padded wooden. At that time four or five people came, about an hour or two to all transported away. This is the original stone next to the kitchen in the cafeteria was too dark and smoky, especially Beizuo hung thick layer of black sludge, removal before the school to find someone to brush for three days, and only then the black sludge brush clean, exposing the original color of the stone. Precious inscription by Emperor Kangxi imperial brush from the fourth book in about 1000 meters from the canteen of a reading "studio flat" green pink three-storey building in the north, the reporter got to see the piece through nearly 5 meters high monument. Texture for the white marble monument, after cleaning, but still left a lot of difficult to remove black spots. Body width of about 1 meter monument, engraved with the Han, Manchu both languages. From the inscriptions of view, the monument's name is Bo Shu main library, Shi Gang Zhuang, Guanju Fudu Tong. Inscription the second paragraph of "I" start, obviously Yubi Emperor Kangxi. Inscription erected a monument to commemorate the hero said, the inscription says the Fudu Tong "skilled in the Rong-line", and focus on San Francisco when referring to its achievements in Binh Dinh, "Western Guangdong succeed chaos, ZU Travel ban imposed." Inscription inscription twenty-three years for the reign of Emperorfake oakley sunglasses wholesale Kangxi, the year 1684, dating back 322 years. Stone carvings, preserved. Beijing Rock Carving Art Museum's Research Associate Liu Weidong introduction, this stone material stress, body mass tall, and this period of more valuable works full instrument law, belong to at least three. Although this monument is not just unearthed, but had not been registered. Archaeological suspense I do not know where the grave History of Beijing Normal University to do a teacher, told reporters there should be a tomb monument, vault should be a place not far away from the tombstone, but the teacher said he had searched in many compulsory purchase of land and infrastructure for the elderly, Ray Ban sunglassesthey are not here to have dug up mass graves impression. Boshu library where the tomb is still unclear. Li, Beijing Normal University, Director of Logistics Management Department, said the school taking into account the short period of time to place it in the replica sunglasses demolition of the building will not be around to avoid the secondary transportation, so this was selected for the monument at the green "home." 40 cm under the monument made of reinforced concrete foundation, so the monument is no danger of dumping. The entire transportation process and the program have reported the text Haidian District Committee, and approved. Replica Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Letter reporter Zhang Ran text / photo 
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A Bridge in Beijing people have been charged by the electric voltage of 220 volts measured

carried by the voltage meter shows the number of journalists. Dior sunglasses  Onto the stone bridge, the reporter also became a return to "Thunderbolt Baby." Hao Xiaotian intern reporter / photo "on several occasions I have contacted the car and people replica oakley sunglasses wholesaleon the bridge, there was the feeling of power." Export model who lives in the East Village, Shijingshan district, said Mr Chiang, a stone bridge near his home, passing from the bridge area residents will be inexplicable power, some people find phone pen measured and found the body voltage is as high as 220 volts, far more than 36 volts of human safety voltage. Experts say this is a sensing voltage, induced voltage does not produce large currents, only a weak electric current, so harmless. Stone bridge with two high-voltage tower adjacent to yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Golden Summit Hill Road, Shijingshan, Replica Oakley Sunglasses to see the surrounding residents were called "bridge" of the stone bridge. Stone bridge about 30 meters on both sides are decorated with white stone fence, from time to time by vehicles and pedestrians from the bridge. Several high-voltage side from Dan Qiaonan through, one high and one low just two high-voltage tower located in the southeast corner of the bridge. According to nearby residents introduction, stone bridge built by the end of August this year, a permanent diversion canal from the bridge after the bridge next to the two high-voltage power lines on the tower were 220 kV and 110 kV. Bridge hand struck a "spark" "Bridge has just completed soon, strange things to one after another." Chiang said he parked in a stone bridge, the back car door a little electricity even when they are started thought it was static , but then the car door every time the stone bridge, would have been had the feeling of power. "This is nothing, one night, my wife and I in this Liuwan, actually given rise to the 'spark of love'!" Mr Jiang said he was under after a high-voltage lines, the pull of what his wife's hand, the results were both power a bit, the dark contacts have also seen blue sparks. Maximum voltage of 220 volts Human Jiang said that they have had a lot of people in the village was the experience of power, in order to identify the reasons, some electrical knowledge to understand the residents took the electric pen to the bridge measurement. Unexpectedly, standing on the bridge will be charged for each person, and the maximum can reach 220 volts, far more than 36 volts of human safety voltage. "A lot of area residents are beginning to 'fear' this 'bridge', not here Liuwan it! Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses" At the scene, the reporter out of the multimeter to measure voltage, high-voltage lines from the south under the bridge went to the middle, "56. 1V, 77V, 102.5V, 185V - "multimeter display again shows the voltage carried by the number of journalists, well above the safety of the human body can withstand the voltage. ■ Live Expert doubts why stone? replica sunglassesWhat are the causes of stone live? Information Office of Science and Technology Beijing Electric Power Corporation, Mr. Shen told reporters, stone bridge is completed, Beijing Electric Power Corporation has invited experts to the site survey, the lowest point of ground measurement of high-voltage lines, 17 meters, far exceeding the national standard of 6 meters. "This is an induced voltage, fake oakley sunglasses wholesale induced voltage does not produce large currents, only a weak electric current." He explained that the cause of the high volts or a bridge at the top of the main high-voltage voltage inherent in the Lines formed around the electric field lines between the inductive voltage and ground, this voltage is 220 volts at the high voltage line, the farther away from the high voltage, the voltage will be lower. But not every high-voltage lines can be measured under the voltage, the voltage depending on whether the distance Cheap Oakley Sunglassesfrom the ground above the high-voltage lines. Harmful to it? "As people have been the feeling of power is a 'Ma electric' effect." Mr. Shen said, when the person through the field, it will carry on the very small amount of charge, when in contact with cars and other objects, will release the charge, which they give rise to a process to be "electric" feeling, Discount Oakley Sunglasses is harmless to human body. Trainee journalist Li Qi 
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